Busy, Busy, Bizzy

This summer has turned out to be pretty darn bizzy for me...and here is me NOT complaining one bit. 

Yesterday, I wrapped production on the film "The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop". It was a great shoot and I can't WAIT until it's finished so you guys can check it out! There are some cool stills posted on the facebook page, you can check them out HERE


You may have also seen me make a few extra appearances on #GoLocalLIVE lately, hosting a few extra segments throughout July for - Got to talk to this guy, and this lady, and on July 25th I'll be interviewing my favorite internet sensation, Randy Rainbow! Seriously love him. Check it out at 3pm 7/25!

I've also been in rehearsal for QUEEN BOUDICCA: A METAL OPERA, reprising my role as Boudicca for the Fringe PVD Festival. The show is THURSDAY July 27th & SATURDAY July 29th in Providence, RI - The show is awesome, YOU SHOULD GO! Info HERE


I Suck At Blogging.

You know it's bad when you check on the last blog you posted on your website and think, "wow, since the last time I posted I was involved in at least 5 really cool projects, attended at least a few noteworthy events, went through an entire gestation period for a human baby inside my body, gave birth to said human, waited so long that human baby is now A YEAR AND A HALF OLD, and also made a major relocation and moved to the other side of the country..."

That's bad. And I think it's official; I suck at blogging. BUT I've made a promise to myself (listen up, Self!) that I'll be better at keeping my blog up-to-date from now on! I promise so hard that I'll try.

I'm going to be super lazy and not attempt a run-down of all the things I've missed, but if you're interested you can give a quick scroll through my Facebook Page and probably get the bullet points. ;)

Instead, I wanted to talk about a cool project I have coming up, the short film (feature version in the future) called The Extraordinary World of Cecily Blinkstop.  We start shooting in a few months and the crowdfunding campaign is going to get going soon as well. You can stay in the loop by signing up for the mailing list HERE or like the FACEBOOK PAGE.  


I also did a cool interview with GoLocalProv.Com  for this project, we talked about my career, my move, and all about the plans for the fim. Check it out HERE! 

I guess that's it for now. I'll keep working at not sucking, and hopefully post again soon!! 

~ Ava