Hello Kitty Art

I was ahead of my time. I was rocking the name "Ava" waaaay before famous folks like Heather Locklear and Reese Witherspoon named their daughters Ava (and the rest of america for that matter)

I also was a Hello Kitty enthusiast long before she became the pop culture icon that she is today, with her own, almost entirely Hello Kitty dedicated SANRIO shop on 42nd street and such... My Hello Kitty doll was my best friend, my confidante, and my first fashion muse! I admit it was a challenge to make clothes for such a little tiny body and great big head, but I made sure she was the best dressed kitty in town...

It seems Hello really does inspire, she is also the muse for these artists...

Crash, Hello Kitty x2, Aerosol on Canvas

Raul Gonzalez, Hello Pelt, Hola Indio, Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Wood Panel

Adam Wallacavage, Hello Kitty White Chandelier

Pose, Sweet Dreams 5 Print, Screenprint on Paper

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