Reflection + Reinvention

I never wanted to be one of those people to dwell in my past,  reliving my "glory days" or resurrecting mistakes I made...but, I've gained a newfound appreciation for the things I've experienced in my life and career lately...

I was recently invited to conduct a workshop at Regis College to speak with the Glee and Theater clubs.  This wasn't the first workshop like this that I've done, but this one made something click... The Glee Club was working on the choral medley of RENT, so I had the opportunity to speak with them about the music from the show and my experience in it. 

Afterwards, I spoke with members of the Theater club, and other students and attendees, and had the opportunity to tell my story. I talked about my path - how I got to New York after High School, when I decided to make the switch to study music instead of theater, how I booked my first professional jobs, how I made my move to Los Angeles, about landing and missing roles, and about making the decision to start a family and how I allowed my priorities to shift... 

In the Q & A portion of the workshop I got to answer questions about so many different topics, and as I reflected on all the different experiences I've had, I realized that "reliving your past" doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, especially if sharing your stories, mistakes and triumphs helps to provide some insight and inspiration for other people. 

Now THAT I'm into. 

So I decided sharing my experiences is kinda cool, and I decided I'll do a little more of it. (cue: #TipsofTheTrade, more about that soon!) 

I'm proud of what I've done in my life and in my career, and as I continue to perform and sing and act and do all the things I do, while balancing mommy life and other goals I have, there is still a lot I'm learning about what my future holds.... and that's cool, too. 

So, Thanks Regis College.. Thanks for letting me share my story with you guys, for asking questions and letting me answer honestly, and for reminding me that the things I've been through have value, and may even help people! 

...and this concludes this heartfelt message about reflection and reinvention by your truly, 


Video shot and edited by Ben Klenk