My Fashion Focus Group

Last night I held a focus group at my place with a few of my girls... After 2 1/2 months of working on my collection I'm getting really close to getting my clothing out there into the world, but before I did I wanted to get some opinions and ideas from some ladies who I trust!

We started the shin-dig outside, and it was lovely. The Tiki Torches were lit, we had some wine, champagne, and a little spread... the weather was perfect... This gigantic scary flying bug tried to attack us, but once that crisis was averted, it was really chill! I was actually a little nervous to show my clothes for the first time, so it was nice to just kick it with my girls for a minute, have a glass of wine, and relax...

Then it was time to get down to business...

I had everyone look through the collection, piece by piece, and then I had them fill out a questionnaire . I definitely put them to work with some tough questions, but they all gave me such awesome feedback!!! Their opinions really mattered to me, and it was so interesting to hear their thoughts on the collection!

I think my favorite part was when some of them wanted to try things on....

Anosha looked so friggin cute in this White Strapless Ruffle Dress! I even loved it paired with the swede fringe sandals she was wearing, Adorable!!!!

Jen said she has never worn a one-shoulder top, so she was excited to try on this Black One-Shoulder Zipper Tee. She looked GREAT!!! Once again, I loved this top paired with the skinny jeans and black flats she had on, and the skinny gold belt we added really completed the look! LOVE IT! I think one-shoulder is workin for ya, girl!!

Amber looked A M A Z I N G in this Hot Pink Mini (you can't see the exposed zipper that's in the back, but its super cute!) I actually thought of her while I was making this! I thought her sexy, rocker style would make this skirt a perfect fit, and I was right! I love it paired with her funky stilettos and grey graphic tank, you look HOTTT!

All in all, it was a great time... I got to spend some QT with my girls, AND I also got a lot of valuable feedback that is going to really help me as I prepare to put this collection out to the world!! I'm currently putting together the website where these items can be ordered, and I shot a pictorial that I will soon be adding to my fashion page... stay tuned for that!!

I would just like to give a very special thank you to my girls that made last night possible, Marie Westbrook (AKA My Besty), Lucy & MOM, Anosha, Amber, and Jen! You Guys are the best! :)