Leopard Faux in Tow...

This morning I had a photo shoot with my girl Kelle to get some more headshots taken... although I absolutely LOVE shooting with Kelle, there's something about taking headshots that is just so...bleh.

There's always so much pressure to get a good one, so many people judging them... and they don't let you wear fake leopard fur in them. Or big necklaces with feathers. Casting directors would think you were a weirdo if you did that... it's more like, "here's me in this colored tank top. Here's me in a different colored tank top." Snore.

But... such is the biz. I get why headshots have to be that way. Whadayagonnado.

So, when I came home with a face full of makeup at 11:30 a.m. I decided to go on and wear my fave furry bolero and feathery necklace... and take some pics where I don't have to look at the camera and I can cover my face with sunglasses. fun! :)

What I'm wearing today:

Leopard Print Bolero

Tribal Necklace; F21

Thrifted Silk Blouse

Black Jeans; F21

Beige Platform Pumps; Santee Alley