it's 2011. wow.

It's the start of a brand. new. year. wow.

It really is true that time flies faster and faster as the years go by...and yes, 2010 FLEW by! It was a year that had it's ups and downs, to be sure, But I have to admit that with all it's ups and downs, this year was notably better than the year before in a lot of ways, and man... that is all anyone can ask for, am I right?

When last year started I was filled with a renewed sense of empowerment, and a feeling that there is SO much I can control, SO much that is always possible....and I made it a point to do things, BE things, I wanted to do (and BE) whether someone said I could or not!

I think the most drastic of examples is the launching of my clothing line, a*voyce clothing. It was something I always wanted to do and last year I decided to take the leap of faith and JUST DO IT! There is so much more that it has in store, too... I'm so excited for what 2011 will bring for a*voyce!

Part of the reason why I felt so inspired at the start of 2010 was due to the weekly phone calls I made to my Aunt Eileen...every week... for almost ALL of 2009... She was a compassionate, motivating, validating source of inspiration for me and I credit a lot of the changes I made in my life in 2010 to our talks... those talks that I will always remember and cherish...

(me and my aunt, Thanksgiving 2010)

My family lost my Aunt Eileen two days before Christmas, and although it was devastating... unbelievably heartbreaking.... I want to go into 2011 remembering all the wonderful things she taught me about what is really possible....

I have to say, this is kinda my favorite time of year. I love the sense of renewal, the feeling that you can change anything, DO anything, that refreshing feeling that whatever you didn't like about last year is officially OVER and a new year is about to begin! I love it!

I'm the queen of New Years Resolutions! I absolutely love them. I honestly have a list (a looong list) of things I want this year to bring! And, why not!? It isn't ever going to be possible unless you first THINK it can be possible!

my Aunt used to always ask me:

If not NOW, then WHEN?

If not ME, then WHO!?

I'm excited about 2011, and all the possibilities is has in store... and I closed out 2010 ย being grateful... for my wonderful husband, my amazing parents and family, for all my beautiful friends who mean SO much to me... and for all the great things I have in my life....

OH, and I am also extremely grateful for the resurgence of this gem...(which my mom found somewhere in the Schlink vault) An actual video of my FIRST TV Commercial EVER! My introduction to show biz... I was 3... and super cute. This is a classic for all christmases to come (or not). I present to you... My Ann&Hope commercial!! ย Starring Ava (Schlink) Gaudet, 3 years old, and My mom. Playing... my mom.