Fashion Friday pt.5 -Project Runway Finale

Last night was the finale of Project Runway... the end of a really great season, and definitely a tough decision for the judges...

So let's go back to the Finale Part 1 that aired last week...I wasn't surprised by the final three designers who were chosen to show at Fashion Week, they had all been really strong throughout the entire season. Although I was never really a fan of Mila's aesthetic, I wasn't surprised she was chosen over Jay to show.... It seems like Heidi is a big fan, and she did win a few challenges during the season (which I never really understood??) Maybe Jay's collection was a little over-designed, but in my opinion it was much more innovative and current. I was more impressed with the pieces he was showing Tim in his workroom than I was with what he sent down the runway, and in the end it was Mila that got to show her blah blah black and white at Fashion Week.

Mila is definitely has a strong point of view, and her clothes are all really well made, but it just isn't my thing... I don't know, all the boxy shapes, the retro-inspired silhouettes, bulky jackets and all that black and white... I respect her as a designer, but there was nothing in her collection I was dying to wear.. this graphic t-shirt was the exception, I was my favorite piece:

Then there is Emilio.... I have to admit that throughout the season he made some really INCREDIBLE pieces! I was so impressed with the full-length dress he made for the NYC Neighborhood challenge, and the Textile challenge look was really hott. But his ego was such a big, gigantic turn off! Ok, dude, you won some challenges, you're a good designer, WE GET IT! Geez.

His final collection had me a little underwhelmed. I agree that it was the most commercial and ready-to-wear, it was impeccably tailored, and had some stand-out pieces (this gown is GORGEOUS)

But I wasn't sold on that pea-green coat, or the fact that the colors and shapes in his show were SO derivative of the 1990's and then he calls his collection "Color Me Bad" HA! Really?

And then there is our winner.... SETH AARON!

I am really happy the Seth Aaron was the winner. The man is a clothing-making MACHINE, I mean, the guy's a monster! Did you notice how quickly and efficiently he worked all season long? Other designers used all there time and money to make... a dress. Seth Aaron would make pants, a jacket with tons of details, a tailored shirt, a tie, a hat... and be finished before everyone! And lets not over look that they were only required to make 10 looks for the runway show and he made 24!! Amazing. Also, he seems like a really cool guy, and with all the egos and attitudes flying around, it just made me root for him.

I was actually sold on him during the first part of the finale when Tim came by his workroom. Did you see that amazing leather jacket with the zippers?? I want one! He makes me want to see the other 14 looks we didnt get to see go down the runway!

I liked that his show was a little over the top and had some drama... I don't think I would wear every piece he made, but he was creative, had a unique point-of-view and the construction was unbelievable!

Congrats, Seth AAron!

This marks the end to another great season of PR... can't wait until next year! :)