CERIA Grand Opening Event!!!

Tomorrow night the apparel store CERIA will be having it's grand opening event!! The night will be SICK; in store appearances by B.O.B, OHNO, REY FRESCO, MIKE POSNER, and DJ's ALL NIGHT!!  My friend Wil is one of the owners and I know first hand that this place is going to be DOPE! CERIA is a concept shop that specializes in streetwear, high end sneakers, and rare finds "for men & women who primarily seek out the illest hard to find product that pertains to their particular lifestyle." Check out the description below for more info on the store, and go to their  website!!! Tomorrow will be a special night for me too, because in a few months (maybe less) a special line of my clothing designs will be sold exclusively at CERIA!! This will be the first time my designs will be sold in a retail setting, and I'm really excited! I'm working hard on developing the pieces that will be sold there and will let you know more about that very soon! In the meantime check out the info on the store, and come down to the opening night event!!

"Carnicerias are known throughout the west coast, particularly in the Latino community as a market to get anything you need in a setting that is fun, makes you feel at home or simply dubbed “your neighborhood specialty store.” Carnicerias serve as being your inside source for goods you can’t find in typical grocery stores making the roots of the culture more accessible. We intend on operating by these same standards bringing you limited edition, one-of-a-kind footwear and men’s & women’s clothing. We intend on bringing you brands not typically found in any apparel shop obliging to the same reasons why carnicerias were formed. At Ceria, you’ll be able to learn about the roots of a brand you purchase and be surrounded by the music and art that fuels it’s creativity. Your favorite brands are not just sold, but showcased in our unique setting, store layout and display cases.

Ceria feels like that familiar place most people recognize to be their local carniceria only to find a much more unique experience. We’ve ensured that our space brings you that Carniceria feel. We know Ceria will just be a shop to our regular customers, but we will provide unfamiliar customers with an experience of that all but familiar feel of “your neighborhood specialty store….the carniceria.”

Ceria is located in historic downtown Ventura, CA just blocks away from The Ventura Beaches. We are right across the street from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Stay up to date with our blog for event happenings and exclusive offers."

Check out the Website for more Info: WWW.SHOPCERIA.COM