Music by Ava

Music from the Vault

Yesterday, Rob and I came across a CD of unreleased "AVA" songs that we worked on together about 8 years ago!! Time to open the vault....

A while back, I was working on a 10 song album with Rob and the rest of my band, and although all the music we were working on was good, it was a very transitional time in the "AvA" project, and in the end it never got released.  I had just graduated Berklee College of Music, the band was breaking up and I was going off in a different direction, you know the story.... so we moved on...

Fast forward A LOT of years, to yesterday, when we played the cd and went on a serious trip back in time! I hadn't heard these songs in SO long I actually forgot a lot of them!

It was so cool to hear these songs after so many years... not too many people ever got to hear this stuff way back when, SO I decided to resurrect a few of those old songs now!

(I took these old pics out of the vault too!)


[audio:|titles=CLOSE MY EYES mp3]


[audio:|titles=PINK AND GREEN mp3]


[audio:|titles=SO AFRAID]

There you go. Vintage AVA.