Urban Original

Hey There Everyone! I would like to introduce you to Ashley Bryant. She is a super talented graphic designer who recently created a branding guide for the website (which I just so happen to LoVe, and I shop at a little too often :p ) and she used MY pictures for her presentation!!!

I love this and I  think she did an awesome job... Go check out more of her work at



"A" is for....

Antsy. Ambitious. Ardent. Agressive.

Oh, and also "Ava"

which is why I bought the gold "A" necklace in the first place.

grey tank; Target

red denim leggings (officially can't say the word "jeggings" anymore); ?

white baby blazer; the children's store (thrifted)

grey wedges; Qupid

gold A necklace; hole-in-the-wall jewelry store downtown, Providence, RI

tooth necklace; F21

Summer's in the Air

Things are heating up here in So Cal....

ooooooooohhhhhhh I'm so EXCITED!

It's weird how excited I still get for the summer time. I mean, it's not like the 'ol days when I had summer vacation from school...  and I live in LA for cryn' out loud! The land of eternal sunshine!! (sort of, there was that one day when it snowed in Burbank this "winter"....) But none the less, I can't wait for sunning by the pool, firing up the grill for backyard BBQs, frosty drinks with my girls on an outdoor patio somewhere, hiking, swimming, and of course, cute sundresses and sandals...ah summmmmerrrrrrrrrr........

Maxi-Dress; Forver 21

Sunglasses, Hat, Necklaces; Forever 21

Platform Booties; Quipid

like this look? HYPE it here!

Back in the Sweatshop

It's that time again... time to get my butt back in front of my sewing machine, and sweat it out in the sweatshop ....

I'm really, really excited about my next collection, it's AMAZING (inside my own head, that is) so now I have the task of making it a reality... this is the fun part, but I want to take things up a notch this time, take A*VOYCE CLOTHING to the next if that means more hours in the sweatshop, then so be it.

Did this first prototype come out good enough?

I'm a frayed not! (har har)


I'm hard at work.... but I'll keep you posted as to how things are turning out...

A*VOYCE 2.0 !!!

Leopard Faux in Tow...

This morning I had a photo shoot with my girl Kelle to get some more headshots taken... although I absolutely LOVE shooting with Kelle, there's something about taking headshots that is just so...bleh.

There's always so much pressure to get a good one, so many people judging them... and they don't let you wear fake leopard fur in them. Or big necklaces with feathers. Casting directors would think you were a weirdo if you did that... it's more like, "here's me in this colored tank top. Here's me in a different colored tank top." Snore.

But... such is the biz. I get why headshots have to be that way. Whadayagonnado.

So, when I came home with a face full of makeup at 11:30 a.m. I decided to go on and wear my fave furry bolero and feathery necklace... and take some pics where I don't have to look at the camera and I can cover my face with sunglasses. fun! :)

What I'm wearing today:

Leopard Print Bolero

Tribal Necklace; F21

Thrifted Silk Blouse

Black Jeans; F21

Beige Platform Pumps; Santee Alley


Le Poissons

I knew it would only be a matter of time before my obsession with collective fashion websites like LOOKBOOK, Chictopia, and Weardrobe would take me over...

and so it begins.... I got dressed today, took a picture of myself, then posted it all over the interweb.

It's all over folks.

I tested the waters a while back by posting some old shots of my a*voyce designs, but that doesn't really count when "What are you wearing today?" is really the question at hand....and how did today inspire you....

Today I was inspired by this vintage fish necklace that has been kicking around my jewelry drawer for years, it's just so unique. ....also the segments clink around and jingle when I walk... so that's fun. And for some reason the turban headband, cat eyes, and red lips made me feel about as French as my last name.... OUI OUI !!!

What I'm wearing today:

DIY turban-style headband (it literally took 5 minutes to make! check it)

Thrifted Black Shell Top

Vintage Segmented Fish Necklace

Old-Ass ripped jeans : Urban Outfitters

Black Platform Pumps c/o Santee Alley

Miss West Hollywood Latina in A*VOYCE

Check out Miss West Hollywood Latina, Esmeralda Leon, wearing a custom dress by A*VOYCE

A few months ago, Esmeralda Leon contacted me to design a dress for her to wear for the interview portion of the Miss California Latina Pageant. She needed something sexy, but sophisticated, something classy, but something that would also set her apart. What better than a one-of-a-kind dress made especially for her!

Esmeralda has a very athletic body type, so she wanted something that would make her look more curvy, I knew the asymmetrical s-curve ruffle accent on the a*voyce Strapless Ruffle Dress would do just that. We customized the design even more to suit her needs....

I lengthened the hem to just above the knee, chose a beautiful Navy Blue fabric, and designed a custom cap sleeve to make the dress more buisness-appropriate for her interview. I think she looked absolutely STUNNING in this dress!

What's even better? Esmeralda was the RUNNER UP for Miss California Latina!!

Congrats, Esmeralda! Let's do this again sometime ;)

Emily Osment wears A*VOYCE

Check out actress/singer Emily Osment wearing A*VOYCE during an interview on Boston's FOX 25 !!!

Emily Osment, best known for playing "Lilly Truscott" on Disney's Hannah Montana, is currently promoting her debut album FIGHT OR FLIGHT, and she wore the BLACK RUFFLE MINI DRESS by A*VOYCE during her interview on FOX 25 news! She looks GREAT!!

You can order the dress Emily is wearing!! Just...


Watch the interview:

A*VOYCE SPECIAL: Free Shipping!!!

As some of you out there know, September is a very special month for me because my BIRTHDAY is September 9th! (will accept birthday wishes now :) ) SO, in honor of my birthday month,

I am offering FREE standard shipping within the U.S. for all A*Voyce Clothing orders for the entire month of September!!


Check out the LOOK BOOK and the ENTIRE COLLECTION on the A*VOYCE website and if there is something you've got your eye on, now's the time to place your A*VOYCE Orders!!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Play TAG

There have been some very exciting moments in the process of developing a*voyce clothing, but I got downright GIDDY  the day that I received my

a*voyce hang tags!!!

This awesome moment was brought to me by my amazingly sweet and talented friend Mayumi Ando. We were dressing room roommates when we were in RENT, and now we've both ventured out into other creative things.... Mayumi is a super talented graphic designer, and she offered to design my hangtag for me, and I seriously couldn't be more thankful!! Look at how great they look!

Mayumi is the best.

and I LOVE my tags.

Check out Mayumi's other work :

a*voyce clothing

A*Voyce goes to CERIA

Last week I brought my entire A*Voyce collection to the coolest new apparel store in Ventura called CERIA, the ONLY store that is currently carrying my clothing!

In a way, It was all because of CERIA that I created the line in the first place! My friend Wil Corpus is the co-owner of CERIA, and when he was in the process of opening the store we discussed the possibility of maybe selling some of my designs there.... A few months later, HERE WE ARE!

A*Voyce was born and now the line is available for sale EXCLUSIVELY at CERIA!

It was a really  huge for me to finally bring the clothes to the store... after all the hard work it was SO exciting to see my clothes hanging on the rack, in a for-real super- hip clothing store,  with for-real price tags and everything!

I really have to thank Wil for all the support, and I REALLY hope the clothes do well at his place!


(me trying on the blue version of the strapless ruffle dress! Go try it on, its at the store!)

SO.... If you wanna go check out  the entire A*Voyce collection

AND Check out some great rare finds,

go to

CERIA on Main

324 East Main Street Ventura, CA 93003 (805) 667-8501

11am-8pm Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm Sundays

Right across the street from Urban Outfitters

Fashion Friday: BIG NEWS - ORDER NOW!


I'm SO happy to announce that the entire A*Voyce Clothing collection is now available to view and ORDER on the website!!!


**Please read the ORDER page carefully, there are instructions and a lot of info about the unique ordering process that I'm offering.**

I am SO excited that this is finally up and running, and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!



BIG Thank You's to all the people who made this possible!!!

Kelle Deeter Photography, for shooting the Look Book,

Mischa Pfister, for shooting my catalogue,

Mayumi Ando for designing my AMAZING hang tags!! (more on that soon!!!)

All my focus group girls; Marie Westbrook, Lucy Graves, Allison, Anosha, Amber, and Jen

My awesome Husband, Rob, for being super supportive :)

and The LA Fashion District, for the amazing resources!!

OK.... Get your order on!


INTRODUCING: A*Voyce by Ava Gaudet

I'd like to officially announce the launch of my clothing line

A*Voyce by Ava Gaudet

Over the past 3 months I made the decision to take my hobby of designing my own clothes to the next level and, for the first time, create a collection that's available for sale and for custom order. The collection is complete and now the website and lookbook have been created for the line! The complete catalogue of items and online store is still in the works, but I will announce when those are available as SOON as I can! If you notice, in the upper right part of this website, where the site pages are listed, the page that USED to say "Fashion" now says "a*voyce" !!! This is where you can now find ALL the new info, pictures, and updates for the line , so check it out!!!

Go there now to check out select images from the LOOKBOOK, and read about the meaning behind the name, as well as the background of my inspiration for the line!!!

A separate  website has been created specifically for the clothing line to make it easier to place orders (a function that will be in effect SOON!) but for NOW go check it out to see all the fun stuff, including the complete LOOKBOOK!


In this pic: Strapless Ruffle Dress in white

(available for custom order soon!)

In this pic: One Shoulder Top w/ Ruffle Detail

(available for custom order soon!)

In this Pic: Hot Pink Mini Skirt; double layer Camisole with back zipper

(available for custom order soon!)

To See MORE go to the A*Voyce Website

A very special THANK YOU to Kelle Deeter and KelleDPHotography for doing this pictorial!!!

My Fashion Focus Group

Last night I held a focus group at my place with a few of my girls... After 2 1/2 months of working on my collection I'm getting really close to getting my clothing out there into the world, but before I did I wanted to get some opinions and ideas from some ladies who I trust!

We started the shin-dig outside, and it was lovely. The Tiki Torches were lit, we had some wine, champagne, and a little spread... the weather was perfect... This gigantic scary flying bug tried to attack us, but once that crisis was averted, it was really chill! I was actually a little nervous to show my clothes for the first time, so it was nice to just kick it with my girls for a minute, have a glass of wine, and relax...

Then it was time to get down to business...

I had everyone look through the collection, piece by piece, and then I had them fill out a questionnaire . I definitely put them to work with some tough questions, but they all gave me such awesome feedback!!! Their opinions really mattered to me, and it was so interesting to hear their thoughts on the collection!

I think my favorite part was when some of them wanted to try things on....

Anosha looked so friggin cute in this White Strapless Ruffle Dress! I even loved it paired with the swede fringe sandals she was wearing, Adorable!!!!

Jen said she has never worn a one-shoulder top, so she was excited to try on this Black One-Shoulder Zipper Tee. She looked GREAT!!! Once again, I loved this top paired with the skinny jeans and black flats she had on, and the skinny gold belt we added really completed the look! LOVE IT! I think one-shoulder is workin for ya, girl!!

Amber looked A M A Z I N G in this Hot Pink Mini (you can't see the exposed zipper that's in the back, but its super cute!) I actually thought of her while I was making this! I thought her sexy, rocker style would make this skirt a perfect fit, and I was right! I love it paired with her funky stilettos and grey graphic tank, you look HOTTT!

All in all, it was a great time... I got to spend some QT with my girls, AND I also got a lot of valuable feedback that is going to really help me as I prepare to put this collection out to the world!! I'm currently putting together the website where these items can be ordered, and I shot a pictorial that I will soon be adding to my fashion page... stay tuned for that!!

I would just like to give a very special thank you to my girls that made last night possible, Marie Westbrook (AKA My Besty), Lucy & MOM, Anosha, Amber, and Jen! You Guys are the best! :)

Fashion Friday pt.5 -Project Runway Finale

Last night was the finale of Project Runway... the end of a really great season, and definitely a tough decision for the judges...

So let's go back to the Finale Part 1 that aired last week...I wasn't surprised by the final three designers who were chosen to show at Fashion Week, they had all been really strong throughout the entire season. Although I was never really a fan of Mila's aesthetic, I wasn't surprised she was chosen over Jay to show.... It seems like Heidi is a big fan, and she did win a few challenges during the season (which I never really understood??) Maybe Jay's collection was a little over-designed, but in my opinion it was much more innovative and current. I was more impressed with the pieces he was showing Tim in his workroom than I was with what he sent down the runway, and in the end it was Mila that got to show her blah blah black and white at Fashion Week.

Mila is definitely has a strong point of view, and her clothes are all really well made, but it just isn't my thing... I don't know, all the boxy shapes, the retro-inspired silhouettes, bulky jackets and all that black and white... I respect her as a designer, but there was nothing in her collection I was dying to wear.. this graphic t-shirt was the exception, I was my favorite piece:

Then there is Emilio.... I have to admit that throughout the season he made some really INCREDIBLE pieces! I was so impressed with the full-length dress he made for the NYC Neighborhood challenge, and the Textile challenge look was really hott. But his ego was such a big, gigantic turn off! Ok, dude, you won some challenges, you're a good designer, WE GET IT! Geez.

His final collection had me a little underwhelmed. I agree that it was the most commercial and ready-to-wear, it was impeccably tailored, and had some stand-out pieces (this gown is GORGEOUS)

But I wasn't sold on that pea-green coat, or the fact that the colors and shapes in his show were SO derivative of the 1990's and then he calls his collection "Color Me Bad" HA! Really?

And then there is our winner.... SETH AARON!

I am really happy the Seth Aaron was the winner. The man is a clothing-making MACHINE, I mean, the guy's a monster! Did you notice how quickly and efficiently he worked all season long? Other designers used all there time and money to make... a dress. Seth Aaron would make pants, a jacket with tons of details, a tailored shirt, a tie, a hat... and be finished before everyone! And lets not over look that they were only required to make 10 looks for the runway show and he made 24!! Amazing. Also, he seems like a really cool guy, and with all the egos and attitudes flying around, it just made me root for him.

I was actually sold on him during the first part of the finale when Tim came by his workroom. Did you see that amazing leather jacket with the zippers?? I want one! He makes me want to see the other 14 looks we didnt get to see go down the runway!

I liked that his show was a little over the top and had some drama... I don't think I would wear every piece he made, but he was creative, had a unique point-of-view and the construction was unbelievable!

Congrats, Seth AAron!

This marks the end to another great season of PR... can't wait until next year! :)

Fashion Friday Pt.4 - Welcome to "The Sweatshop"

I would like to take you inside the place I've been spending a LOT of time lately...

Welcome to....

"The Sweatshop"

This is the place that I lovingly refer to as my "Sweatshop". My own little design-studio-office-room-sewing-place where I get to flesh out all those ideas I have floating around in my head. I wont lie, I'm self taught when it comes to sewing and designing, so there is a lot of trail-and-error happening in here... but whatevs. I got the space, and I got the time, so.... slowly but surely I'm growing as a designer and having SO much fun in the process!

Having a designated room to put my sewing machines, dress form, fabric and supplies was pretty much the reason why I started making clothes in the first place! I ALWAYS wanted to make my own clothes, but it's hard to have a sewing machine set up in a tiny ass apartment in Manhattan...we didn't even have a TABLE nevermind an area that I could take over for a hobby like this! I got my first sewing machine when I moved to LA, but the passion has been there as long as I can remember. I made designer duds for all my barbies and hello kitty doll, I even started making clothes for myself in the sixth grade! Many of those early designs involved puff paint and sweatsuits, but STILL! They were cute, and I was VERY proud of them!

When I first started making clothes a few years ago, I really had the intention to just keeping it as a hobby and only make clothes for myself. I just wanted to have some fun and be creative... well, I started to change my tune a little when a bunch of my girlfriends said how much they liked my stuff, and would actually be into BUYING them! So now I'm going to test the waters buy making some things to SELL, and see what happens....

(this is where I keep my pins....)

I have been working really hard on making some things to sell at CERIA in Ventura. As I posted before, this will be the first retail store that I will be putting my designs for sale, and I'm really trying to step up my game and do my best!!

I'll talk more about that when we get closer to the finish line... until then, I'm going to put on some music and get back to work!

Fashion Friday pt.3

Sometimes in fashion, it's good to know what NOT to do. It's very important actually. Now, of course there will always be the subtle differences of taste that would make one person like something and another person not... but that's not what I'm talking about here. What I'm talking about are these big, HUGE, how-could-you- POSSIBLY-leave-your-house-like-that mistakes that should really be EASY to avoid! Yet, somehow people keep doing it...