A*Voyce goes to CERIA

Last week I brought my entire A*Voyce collection to the coolest new apparel store in Ventura called CERIA, the ONLY store that is currently carrying my clothing!

In a way, It was all because of CERIA that I created the line in the first place! My friend Wil Corpus is the co-owner of CERIA, and when he was in the process of opening the store we discussed the possibility of maybe selling some of my designs there.... A few months later, HERE WE ARE!

A*Voyce was born and now the line is available for sale EXCLUSIVELY at CERIA!

It was a really  huge for me to finally bring the clothes to the store... after all the hard work it was SO exciting to see my clothes hanging on the rack, in a for-real super- hip clothing store,  with for-real price tags and everything!

I really have to thank Wil for all the support, and I REALLY hope the clothes do well at his place!


(me trying on the blue version of the strapless ruffle dress! Go try it on, its at the store!)

SO.... If you wanna go check out  the entire A*Voyce collection

AND Check out some great rare finds,

go to

CERIA on Main

324 East Main Street Ventura, CA 93003 (805) 667-8501 info@shopceria.com

11am-8pm Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm Sundays

Right across the street from Urban Outfitters